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How is Invisalign like Harry Potter’s magic?

At Coolsmiles we believe in the power of magic (big Harry Potter fans), but sometimes science is so advanced that it becomes almost indistinguishable from wizardry. Invisalign is powered by the kind of tech that can be considered magical. Get ready to step into the fantastic world of Invisalign!

Cloak your teeth with invisibility

In the beginning of his story, the young wizard is gifted a magic cloak. It’s a powerful bit of magic that allows the wearer to become completely invisible while wearing it. The fabric of the cloth is woven from special enchanted material for witches and wizards to render themselves unseeable. Much like the magic cloak, Invisalign is made with a material that makes it virtually invisible to the naked eye. The aligners are produced from a patented flexible plastic material that was invented exclusively for Invisalign by biomechanical engineers, who we consider a special class of wizards.

Wands that scan your teeth

A standard instrument of every magic-user is the wand. It allows the bearer to focus his magic sometimes with a beam of powerful light that can produce wonderous things. Dr. David and Dr. Justin work with the Invisalign scanner much like a wizard does a wand. During the Invisalign digital scanning process, the orthodontist wields a handheld device that takes a high resolution, interactive image of your teeth in 3D, snapping 6,000 images per second!

Spells and magic maps for your future smile

In one adventure, the wizards are bestowed with a magic map that tells them how to achieve their goal and avoid any pitfalls. After scanning your mouth we will use a magic spell (aka powerful computer software) to create a map for your treatment plan. Every step is plotted using multiple aligners that gently (and invisibly!) guide your teeth until they produce a perfect smile: Novos Risus! No worrying about any missteps along the way.

A potion for almost every ailment

The study of magic potions is the stock and trade of every budding wizard, seeking out ways to address any situations they may encounter and always tinkering with the formula to make it better. Invisalign has a very similar way of producing results. Over the decades of use, Invisalign technology has improved so that it can treat many cases including crowded teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, gap teeth, open bites and generally straighten teeth. Tinkering with the technology in the future will allow Invisalign to resolve even more problems.

Ex nihilo

The Invisalign aligners are produced from a powerful 3D scanner that seems to create the appliances out of thin air. There is no hocus pocus here though. A fleet of high-tech devices are employed to produce each and every custom-made aligner that is a perfect fit for your mouth. The technology that backs the Invisalign system isn’t magic, it just seems like it!

Meet our head wizard

If it’s smile magic you want, you have to see the right wizard. You wouldn’t go to Professor Flitwick to learn Transfiguration and you wouldn’t want Professor Binns teaching you Quidditch. Since Madam Pomfrey isn’t readily available, for the straight smile of your dreams, you want to see Dr. David Amram and Dr. Justin Ohnigian, who have extensive experience using Invisalign to straighten young wizards’ and witches’ teeth as well as strong experience with adult orthodontics.

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A Confident Smile Makes the Best First Impression

Invisalign Coolsmiles Orthodontics

We all know that we shouldn’t ever judge a book by it’s cover, as the saying goes, but first impressions are really important, and your smile is a big part of that impact. At Coolsmiles Orthodontics we focus not only on straightening your smile but also how your dentition impacts your entire facial structure and appearance. It turns out that straight teeth, the key component to a confident smile, are crucial to making that first impression count. Unfortunately metal braces as an adult isn’t usually the most desired look. Luckily there are other options. We offer Invisalign — a virtually clear and safe alternative to metal braces. With Invisalign, we are able to ensure that we are using a safe and effective treatment option for our patients, unlike other options such as unsupervised DIY teeth straightening.

So how does Invisalign work?

During a consultation at Coolsmiles, Dr. David or Dr. Justin will determine the exact movements necessary to get your teeth into the correct position. We then have a custom-made series of aligners created for you. As you replace each aligner with the next in the series, the teeth will gradually and gently shift until they have straightened to the final position your orthodontist has outlined in his treatment plan for you.
Of course you’ll make a great first impression once you’ve finished, but unlike traditional metal braces Invisalign offers a great first impression while you’re working to achieve your final goal. In addition, key benefits include that:
They’re Clear: Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible. No hiding your smile in meetings or photos!

They’re Comfortable: The aligners are extremely comfortable as they’re developed from smooth, sleek plastic.

They’re Removable: You have the option of taking them off for the evening… just remember to put them back in before you go to sleep! They’re constantly working while you go through your day.
Coolsmiles Orthodontics treats adults as well as children with Invisalign, Invisalign Teen and traditional braces. We look forward to meeting you! Click below to schedule a complimentary consultation:

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