Coolsmiles Orthodontics is open! Welcome back!

Dear Patients of Coolsmiles Orthodontics,

We hope this letter finds you and your family in good health. We have all been through so much as a community and we’re all very much looking forward to resuming our normal activities. Things have changed, and so have we- we’re COVID conscious! We want to ensure that your visit is as touch free and safe as possible. Here are some of the new practice that have been incorporated into our new, daily routine:

Health & Safety: Our office may look a little different…

  • We will be protecting our team and our patients with the latest recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) including n95 masks and face shields for our entire team. You may not see it, but we’re smiling under our masks!
  • We have all of the latest sterilization protocols in place to ensure that our facilities and clinics are ready for your arrival including hand sanitizer and air purifiers in our treatment rooms that provide surgically clean air filtering particles less than 0.1 microns. 
  • We have implemented the minimization of using instruments that cause aerosols (as they can spread respiratory droplets).
  • We have implemented numerous protocols to reduce the risk of transmission such as: social distancing among team members, plexiglass dividers, strategic scheduling that ensures only one patient is treated at a time, and constant team health monitoring (our staff’s body temperature is monitored and recorded on a daily basis).

  • Our reception areas are being rearranged to allow for the recommended six-foot social distancing during your visit. We would like to ensure that your visit is essentially a touchless one! There will be no brochures, pamphlets, toys, or coffee / refreshments in the waiting area.
  • We now use a hospital-grade fogger disinfectant machine which is used at the end of every day, in addition to hospital-grade disinfectants that will be used throughout the day after each patient is walking in and out of the office. The disinfectant will be used on all frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, restrooms, and the front desk.

Patient Screening

  • All patients will be screened for a fever upon arriving with our contactless thermometers. This is done to ensure that care is provided to only symptom free, fever free patients with normal oxygen saturation. In accordance with CDC guidelines anyone presenting with a fever of 100.4 F will be rescheduled. 
  • All forms that need to be completed will now be in a digital format. Before coming in for your appointment, all patients and/or parents must fill out the following health screening form:


  • Upon arrival at the office please call or text us at 631-319-8489. 
  • Please brush your teeth prior to your appointment, as brushing stations have been temporarily closed!
  • A team member will meet you at the front door to take your temperature and guide you to the treatment area for your visit.
  • Please wash your hands in our clinical area prior to being seated for your appointment and prior to leaving our clinic after your appointment.
  • We will continue to offer virtual appointments for check-up exams, recall appointments and retainer checks. After your appointment, please call us to schedule your next visit with us!


  • Patients experiencing flu-like symptoms, feeling unwell or suspect they have been exposed to COVID-19 are asked to proactively reschedule their appointment and not enter the office.
  • Please call ahead if you are experiencing an emergency or if you have a broken appliance. There may be long wait times for patients who have not notified us of their emergency prior to arrival.
  • We strongly prefer for anyone accompanying a patient to wait in the car during the exam unless absolutely necessary. One caregiver or guardian is allowed to accompany the patient to the treatment area, but must wear a facial covering.

This is a dynamic situation and we’re constantly adjusting our approach to ensure both our patient’s and our team’s safety. We have missed each of you and look forward to safely and confidently caring for you at your next visit!

Stay safe and well,

Dr. David Amram & Dr. Justin Ohnigian

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