Why Choose An Orthodontist For Braces In Medford and Port Jefferson NY

Nine Different Types of DentistsDid you know there are nine different types of Dentists? At Coolsmiles we specialize in orthodontics or the dental art of tooth and jaw alignment and bite problems such as overbites, underbites, and crossbites.

In order to become an orthodontist, just like your dentist, an orthodontist goes to dental school. After dental school however, Dr. Leon Klempner and Dr. David Amram continued their dental education by attending an orthodontic graduate program, for a few more years, to become experts in orthodontic treatment using many different types of braces.

Unlike your general dentist who takes care of your overall dental health by cleaning your teeth, removing decay, and rebuilding broken down or discolored teeth with crowns and veneers, at Coolsmiles Orthodontics… all we do is create beautiful smiles every day with braces. We have chosen to limit our practice to what we do best, straightening teeth and correcting jaw problems due to heredity, bad habits such as thumb sucking, and abnormal growth of the jaw. This is why we send our patients back to their general dentist for routine cleanings and checkups every six months, instead of doing it ourselves.

Other dental specialties you may know about are:

  • Endodontist: dentist who only treats the soft tissue inside your teeth that may no longer be healthy and causing tooth discomfort
  • Periodontist: dentist who only takes care of the gums and other tissues surrounding your teeth
  • Pedodontist: dentist who works only with children
  • Oral Surgeon: dentist who only removes teeth and other surgical procedures involving the teeth, mouth, and jaws

Be rest assured, at Coolsmiles, you will receive the best possible orthodontic care available today in Medford NY, Port Jefferson NY, and the Long Island NY area.

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