Want To Read A Real “Coolsmiles” Sweetheart Story?

Stephen, his daughter and Dr.Klempner

Congratulations to Stephen and Angela for sharing your story with us.  We hope you enjoy dinner on us.  The following is one of the winning entries to our recent Coolsmiles “Tell Us A Sweetheart Story” contest that ended on Valentines Day.

I decided to go to Italy for a semester so I could learn more about my heritage.  My wife, a native of Italy was living in the U.S., but  was also studying in Italy for a semester.  As it turns out, on the plane, she was sitting in front of me during the seven plus hour flight.  She went to use the bathroom and when she returned, her friend had laid down on her seat and fell asleep.  It seemed like the gentlemanly thing to do, so I offered my seat.  We began to talk and discovered that we would be attending the same university in Siena and Florence.  We spent the next four months enjoying romantic scenery, language and a relationship.  Today we have four children and continue to have that same feeling that began on our trip to Italy.

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