At Coolsmiles, charity is part of our mission. Along with providing healthy smiles and a self-esteem-boosting experience, helping those less fortunate is a core value. It’s one that we strive to share with our Coolsmiles families, which is why we regularly participate in philanthropic activities such as charity walks, contests to win donations and gift collections during the holiday season.

We also know the impact this participation has on children can be significant. In fact, a recent study supported by the United Nations Foundation reveals the important role parents play in encouraging their children to be active in philanthropic efforts. The report found that it’s crucial for parents to talk to their children about charity to positively influence their kids’ interest in philanthropy.

PBS.org has some good recommendations for encouraging kids to participate in philanthropy at home:

  • Talk as a family about who you’d like to help and why and letting the kids pick a charity they’d like to help. 
  • Reflect on giving at the dinner table. At dinner, ask, “What am I grateful for?” This can be followed by, “What did I give today?” or “How can I help someone?” 
  • Look for need in the news. Save newspapers so that everyone can read a front page and circle areas of need. Have a discussion about how they might be able to help and create a plan for helping.

Together we can teach our kids that they can make a difference in our community, and beyond.

Call us to learn more about Coolsmiles: (631) 289-0909 in Medford and (631) 928-9800 in Port Jefferson.


  1. Do you have a recommendation as to where you can donate clothing and toys that will go directly to the family in need, and not to an organization that sells it?

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