Orthodontists in Port Jefferson and Medford, NY Embrace Change With Patients

There is a great video one of our patients shared with us today on Twitter that we felt was very thought provoking and worth sharing with everyone. ย At Coolsmiles Orthodontics we often think about the bright futures of our many patients who will eventually venture out into the world and carve their way in life. Our world is changing all the time and this video discusses where the world is right now.

At Coolsmiles we attempt to keep up with the latest changes every day, not only in orthodontic treatment and technology, but with the interaction we have with our patients. We embrace change! It’s what life and growth is all about. So for anyone who is interested, here is a great video that has been watched by almost two million people and highlights where the world is at right now. We hope you enjoy.

Leave a comment and tell us what you think about this video and our changing world…

11 thoughts on “Orthodontists in Port Jefferson and Medford, NY Embrace Change With Patients

  1. I think it is about knowing some of this information. That said it does not address all the people who will prepare food, build roads, and erect buildings. There is a portion of our population with these skills and they don’t seem to be addressed in this video. There are still going to be those who are on the outskirts of success. I take from this that I need to prepare my children to do what they love and be proactive in their own lives to achieve all they are able. This includes helping others achieve their best.

    1. Everything is changing so rapidly, the only real compass you have as a parent is helping you child discover their gifts and what they love. Having said that, it doesn’t hurt to make sure they keep up with changes in technology, no matter what their interest.

  2. Orthodontists have job security because China and India haven’t figured out how to fix crooked teeth over the internet.

  3. I feel this is all overwhelming. It blows my mind the advancement of the world compared to when my grandfather was born in 1906. He lived until he was 99 1/2 and he kept up with the times. In fact, he was e-mailing his buddies 2 days before he passed. I just think of all the changes he experienced in his lifetime and wonder how my kids will keep up because at the rate the world is moving now it gives me a headache thinking about it. I just hope there are enough great teachers out in the world to inspire, encourage and motivate our children to aspire, to dream, achieve and reach their goals. As parents, we can only do so much and we all know how well our children listen to us.

  4. This – not so recent – development underlines that for technology professions, we need to, and have, move beyond memorizing facts toward problem-solving skills. However, there still are many jobs for which knowledge available in the brain (rather than on a computer) is very helpful. Imagine your physician punching your symptoms into a computer before telling you that you probably have X… or a cook checking online for the latest version of Marinara sauce upon your order…
    Furthermore, there is no point in getting scared by these figures. At the end of the day, potatoes still grow in the soil, and corn above…

  5. This is so true everything they say is so true about the world everything is going to change in a matter of years and soon we will be living on high tec things. in a couple of years we will say why didn’t we think of this sooner. We will have no more mail that comes in our mailboxes and in school we will have laptops to bring to school and learn from the computer in school, there will be no more papers to pass out in school it all will be on the laptops we have!

    1. I love technology, but I must admit that I worry about losing the “human” element. If used intellegently, I hope it can help bring us together intead of isolating us.

  6. WOW! Although quite interesting I’m not sure all of this technology is a good thing. Gone are the days when kids would go outside and play for hours and actually use their imaginations. Gone are the days of talking on the phone for hours with a friend. Most kids today want to play video games, they don’t want to go outside and play or ride a bike. Children and adults spend so much time text messaging and emailing that they are unable to communicate effectively. Many children don’t even visit their local library because they can get the information they need via the internet. There are many advantages to this improved technology, but there are many disadvantages too.

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