Does it really matter where I go to get my Invisalign?

Can I go anywhere for my Invisalign treatment?

Coolsmiles Orthodontics: Medford and Port Jefferson, NY

At Coolsmiles Orthodontics we love treating our patients with Invisalign.  We think that it may be the biggest advance in orthodontics in the last 50 years!  No braces, no wires, easy cleaning and you can eat anything you want. This is all great news. As you know, you now see Invisalign advertised everywhere. However, the real question remains, is Invisalign treatment the same no matter who provides it?

Invisalign is a series of clear aligners that provides precise gentle pressure, which move teeth into better positions. The teeth don’t know whether the pressure is coming from braces or aligners.  Now here is the important part. The keys to getting the best possible result of your treatment are 1) the experience of the doctor with regard to using Invisalign and 2) how well you wear your aligners.

The Invisalign manufacturers are good at make aligners, but it takes an orthodontist with Invisalign expertise and experience to get you the most successful result.  While anyone can order a set of aligners for you, not everyone knows how to diagnose and treatment plan an Invisalign case.

How will the smile change?  How will the spacing or crowing be eliminated? What about your bite, etc. The computer technician at Invisalign has no training in diagnosis or treatment planning.  What is most important is the amount of Invisalign experience of the doctor providing your care.  We have successfully treated countless patients that have come to us for a second opinion after being told that they were not Invisalign candidates due to their complex problems.

At Coolsmiles, we have been treating with Invisalign since  1999.  We have been awarded Elite provider status by Invisalign. This is only achieved by top 1% of dentists worldwide. To date, we have completed treatment successfully on almost 500 of your friends and neighbors.

Most recently Dr. Amram and Dr. Klempner have acquired Itero digital scanners that allow digital, impression-free images to be captured and sent electronically to Invisalign.  That means better fitting, more comfortable aligners and no more goopy, drippy, messy impressions!

So does it really matter where you go for your Invisalign treatment?  We think so. Your comments and opinions really matter to us.  Please use the box below to let us know how you feel.

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