Coolsmiles Likes the Taste of Apple

Coolsmiles Welcomes a Concierge Receptionist…

You know the feeling you get when you go to your favorite restaurant or stop by the Apple store and the people take extra special care of you.  We wanted our patients to feel the same way each and every time they come to Coolsmiles Orthodontics in Medford and Port Jefferson, NY.  The next time you visit our Medford office, you will be greeted warmly by our new concierge receptionist, Maggie-Jean.  Her friendly, inviting style and helpful nature blend perfectly to make our patients and families feel comfortable and well cared for. Her goal is to make your stay pleasant and relaxed, help our team stay on time so we serve you quickly, and provide answers to any of your questions. She is also equipped with an iPad to help make scheduling appointments a breeze. The next time you stop in, Maggie-Jean will be looking forward to greeting you and making you feel extra-special while you are with us.  Whether it is Invisalign or braces, we want to make it easy for you.  Want to learn more about our innovative practice?  See what your friends are saying about us on our  Facebook page or watch some videos on our Youtube channel.

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