Coolsmiles Donates Extreme Orthodontic Makeover to the Lutz Family in Setauket NY

Coolsmiles has joined forces with the Emmy winning TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and donated an Extreme Makeover: Orthodontic Edition of their own.

As most of you already know because of all the media coverage, the Lutz family of East Setauket, NY was the recipient of a Long Island Extreme Makeover set to begin on Tuesday June 22 and completed by the end of the week.

Unlike the show’s traditional early morning door knock, Ty Pennington made the announcement to the family at Yankee Stadium on the Jumbotron prior to the NY Yankees vs. the NY Mets game on June 20th.  Read all about it here.

After reading about this in the news, Dr Leon Klempner and Dr David Amram opted to support the effort by offering complete orthodontic care to all the members of the Lutz family at the press conference. 

Many special needs patients, especially with Downs Syndrome require extensive dental care due to developmental issues resulting in missing or unerupted teeth that can cause health issues later on in life. Orthodontic treatment is often required to address these problems and outside the realm of possibility for a family with special needs as a result of expensive medical and dental care not covered by insurance. 

The entire Coolsmiles Team is thrilled they are able to help.  They don’t do plumbing… and they don’t do electrical, but they can build beautiful smiles that last a lifetime for the Lutz family in Setauket.

What is your reaction to everyone coming together on Long Island to help this very special family? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Coolsmiles Donates Extreme Orthodontic Makeover to the Lutz Family in Setauket NY

  1. My name is Patti Simpson, my good friend Maria bacchi and I nominated the Lutz Family for the Extreme Makeover one year ago. We have been very involved with the family for many years and to see our community come together and give, give, give has been the most rewarding experience ever!

    I have cried many tears over the past few weeks, and been overwhelmed by the generosity of so many wonderful people.When Dr. Klempner announced his donation at the press conference, it reduced me to tears! I pulled him aside to personally thank him for offering dental care to this family I love like my own. The Lutz family is in great need of dental/orthodontic care and with no dental insurance it has been an issue over the years. It is truly good people like those at Coolsmiles that make the world a better place, I will be sure to pass on your name to my friends and co-workers as a genuine, caring Long Island business. Thank you again on behalf of the Lutz family..and myself!

  2. As I say every day, I work for two great and very giving men, Dr. Leon and Dr. David. I am of the mindset that all of us are here to help others. In the almost 10 years that I have been with Coolsmiles, I see this mindset in action as a way of life and that is a very special feeling. We all look forward to seeing the Lutz family in our office in the near future 🙂

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Patti. We feel very blessed at Coolsmiles. As Jenn noted, we look for opportunities to give back to our community. This was a no brainer for us. Kathleen is an inspiration and was a well deserved ‘Extreme” choice. It was heart warming to see everyone coming together to help out. We wanted to be part of it. After all, we are a community. DrK 🙂

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