Coolsmiles “Dance Dare” Ipad Video Contest. We dare you!

Have you ever seen the Ellen show? She does a funny segment called “Dance Dare.” Audience members send in their candid videos of dancing behind some unsuspecting person. We thought it would be a great contest for our patients, so here we go! We will give a brand new iPad 3 to the patient or family member that submits the winning video.

The rules are simple:
1) Using a camera phone or flip camera, have someone video you doing a dance behind someone else (who doesn’t realize it).
2) Submit your video on our special Facebook contest page and get your family and friends to vote for it. ย Click to submit your video.
3) It must be original and 15 seconds or less, and you can only submit one – so make it good!

The five videos that get the most votes will be our finalists. The winner will be chosen at random from the finalists. Good luck… all of us at Coolsmiles Orthodontics in Medford and Port Jefferson double dare you!

Click this link to submit your entry

2 thoughts on “Coolsmiles “Dance Dare” Ipad Video Contest. We dare you!

  1. hey its Madison i have the video but i don’t know how to send it to ur website so can i brig it to u or WHT CAN I DO


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