CoolCare – Help Us Help You

CoolCare – Help Us Help You

Braces and Invisalign, Medford and Port Jefferson,NY

We recently had a staff meeting to discuss the topic of customer (patient) service.  As we enter our thirty-third year in business, it is a time to reflect on how we grew our practice.  Although professional referrals (dentists) are still a major influence on how parents/patients select our office for their care, word of mouth patient-to-patient recommendations continue to be the fastest growing reason for our success. Our appreciation of that is sincere and heartfelt and we thank you!

I believe there are three areas that set us apart from our competition.  The first and most important is the quality of care we provide.  Dr. David and I are continually taking courses on providing our patients the latest treatment techniques.  Our philosophy of early preventive phase 1 treatment to establish healthy attractive foundations for the eruption of teeth is unrivaled in our community.  Our expertise in treating adolescents with braces without extraction of healthy permanent teeth is well appreciated by family dentists and parents alike.  Our experience with Invisalign and Invisalign Teen, has enabled hundreds of our adult patients and teenagers to be treated without braces attached to their teeth.

Although clinical excellence is the most important reason for our success, it’s not the only reason.  Email and text reminders, computerized check-in, online access to account/appointment information, computerized charts, digital photographs, low level x-rays  and new digital (impression free) scanners are some of our most frequently utilized technologies.  Coolsmiles Orthodontics stands out as a leader in technology and we plan on maintaining that position.  We are constantly reviewing our systems with an emphasis on improving our customer care.

However, we feel that it’s not enough.  We want to be known for “world class” service and for that we need your help.  We call it “CoolCare.”  Tell us what we can do better.  If we have let you down in any way, I’d like to know about it.  Email me personally at  I really want to know. Please take the time to leave us your suggestions in the comment section below.  BTW, if there is something that we do that you really like, let us know that too.







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