Based On Parent Feedback-Coolsmiles Picnic Postponed…

Coolsmiles Orthodontics summer calendarWe are fast approaching the end of July and we can’t help but ask where has the summer gone? Many of out parents are asking the same question.

Between sports schedules , kids camp, trying to sneak away for a vacation, etc free time is thin.

By now… we hope you are aware that we listen to our patients and families and their requests. We decided to postpone our office picnic on August 8th at Hidden Ponds Park, but we need your help!

What is the best time and day to join us for a fun event?  This will give us a better handle on when to reschedule. Please leave your comments below and let us know what you prefer….Saturday, Sunday, or a different type of event in the evening during the week?  What better way to find out what works for you than to go straight to the source!!  You…

Thanks for your feedback.

13 thoughts on “Based On Parent Feedback-Coolsmiles Picnic Postponed…

  1. My company recently had a get together at the Country Fair in Medford. Everyone who went had a great time. The kids really, really enjoyed themselves and the parents enjoyed it too.

  2. A Late afternoon/ early evening during the week would be best for us. I like the above suggestion too. Thanks

  3. Last year we had a GREAT TIME! Only postponed RSVP this year because vacation plans were pending. We liked the nature walk since our family is not into baseball. But we’ll look forward to joining whatever activity you plan 🙂

  4. I agree on the country Fair in Medford is an idea, at the end of the summer. It is a nice place and located close to your offices. Many people have been there and are familiar with it. It has a lot of extras to offer, golf, baseball cages, race car driving etc. There is also a safe area including tables where you could have your personal party.

  5. We loved the picnic last year. Thought it was a great, casual time. The baseball game was awesome, nature walk, sprinkler park, kite flying, frisbee, etc. (Food was wonderful.) Whatever you plan will be very much appreciated…but we were really looking forward to the picnic. Weekends work better for us. During the week there is too must hustle & bustle trying to rush home from work and get the kids out the door. Thank you!

  6. This is a great event and we appreciate you planning a gathering such as this. I know it must be a great undertaking; with alot of manpower involved! Weekends are precious to all of us, but they work best for us. After school starts may good time to have the picnic, I think most of us will be settled into our regular routines. Thanks again.

  7. i love the picnic! please dont change it. just move it foward a few weeks, to the 3rd week. there is alot at hoyt farm also. you guys are the ones putting out the money and graciously giving us the picnic. the country fair i see is mentioned, and you did ask for ideas, but its also added expenses for you. the picnic is more than enough for me. i am so grateful that you would do that for us.

  8. Family bowling at port jeff bowl would give a good rate for a group. no need to worry about weather. work around leagues. Sunday morning is best…less chance of sports or other activities getting in the way which you’d have on weekdays or saturdays. just a thought.

  9. ok 1 last thing. why not take the money that you would of spent on a picnic for us, and let us sponsor you so you can help more kids on your next trip.

  10. The picnic was awesome last year. we had so much fun playing baseball.
    why not 3rd week in august. Please Please dont change.

  11. We’ve been to the picnic the last two years and had so much fun. Thank you! The original date you had scheduled for this years picnic was fine with us, but now these last weekends of the summer are getting booked up! We are free on August 14/15 and August 21st only. A Sunday would be better for us, actually. We loved Hoyt Farm, but Hidden Pond Park is lovely too. Kids could ice skate or swim (at their expense) as well!

    I think once we get into the fall, kids are too busy with homework and such, even on the weekends. Here’s hoping you can work something out for this years picnic. And once again, thank you! 🙂

  12. Evening or weekend sounds good…..we haven’t been to a Coolsmiles event yet, but would like to come if it works out this year. Country Fair seems to be getting a lot of votes – and it’s got ours, too! My son’s baseball closing ceremonies are held there every year and we always have fun; there is a separate area for large parties with easy access to all the activities. My kids especially love the go-karts!It’s probably nearby for most of your patients, too, whichever office they use.

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