Are You Coming to the Summer Picnic?

2011 Picnic Day Survival Guide

When: August 20, 2011 11am-4pm

Where: Hoyt Farm, 158 New Highway, Commack, NY

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347 turns into Veterans highway take it past the Dennison Building, look for new Highway, make a left onto New Highway take it approximately 1 mile and make a left into the park.


When you arrive at the park, you will turn in past a guard booth, tell them you are here for the Jennifer Crean party.  Since we are not a Smithtown business, we had to reserve the park with a Smithtown resident’s name as the group name.  If you are a resident of Smithtown, parking is free, if you are not there is a charge per car to come in.


Picnic begins at 11am lasts until 4pm, however the park is open until dusk, so feel free tostay as long as you want.  Food will be served between about 12:30 to 2pm.

Bring with you

Don’t forget to bring bathing suits, and towels they have a cool sprinkler park!  We will be playing a softball game, if you are interested in playing bring your mitt, and if you have one please bring a bat.  Batting helmets would be great if anyone has them. Please make sure your names are on them.  And don’t forget the sunscreen!!  We plan on being in different areas of the park throughout the day, so don’t leave valuables unattended.


We will have our cameras ready to catch our patients and staff doing some funny stuff, please help us out and take some pics, they can be emailed to and we will get them up on our website.  We can also upload your digital videos.


There are bathrooms close to the picnic area for changing, washing hands etc.

T-shirt contest

Don’t forget, our picnic contest.  Get a blank T-shirt and decorate it with our name, logo, braces, expanders, you name it.  The winner will receive an ipod Shuffle.  Make sure you or a family member wears the shirt to the picnic.

Can’t wait to see you all there!

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We don’t want to run out of food!


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  1. (Jennifer Crean’s dad) – hoping I’m invited again this year – have enjoyed the picnic in prior years

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