Halloween Photo Contest

Hey Everyone – Time to Vote for the Coolsmiles Best Halloween Photo Contest Winner…  All the entries are in.

You decide who will win a $100 gift card for holiday shopping.  Check out the photos and vote for your favorite choice.

To be fair to all contestants, only one vote per person, please! 😉

  1. In the comment box on the bottom write down the number of your favorite photo.
  2. We will announce the winner on 12/15/09 so don’t delay in voting for your favorite!

Spider Lady
#1 - Spider Web
#2 - Pumpkin Baby
#2 - Pumpkin Baby
#3 - KISS
#3 - KISS
#4 King Kong
#4 King Kong

#5 Steve Erkle x 2
#5-Steve Erkle x 2

#6 Steve Erkle
#6-Steve Erkle
#7 - Vampire
#7 - Vampire
#8 - Umpas Lumpas
#8 - Umpas Lumpas

125 thoughts on “Halloween Photo Contest

  1. #4
    Very creative and obviously a lot of work went into this. Well done and good luck!

  2. Our vote is for #4…love the Empire State Building and Barbie doll…

  3. Well done #7! What an ingenious costume. It looks like so much effort went into your costume! You surely have my vote! Woooohoooooo!

  4. #4 Now that’s what I call an original costume. Looks like a lot of hard work went into it.

  5. #3 is the coolest! I wanna rock n roll all night and party everyday!!!!!!!!! hAAA

  6. 3 i think #3 is one of the best costumes ive seen in a long time.good job!

  7. Excellent article i’m sure that i will come back here again

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