42 thoughts on “The Healthy Bodies, Happy Smiles Sweepstakes!

  1. Cool Smiles took great care of both my daughters and they now have the most beautiful smiles. The staff is caring and extremely gentle! They made our years there pleasant and put us in a relaxed atmosphere.I would recommend them to anyone!

  2. Hello, I have always wanted my upper teeth to be straightened and whitened so badly. Since I was a kid. It keeps me from smiling completely. I know it’s hokding me back from having that completeness in my life. I am still single, 2 small doggies, no kids, never married, 3 degrees MBA, adventurous, etc. I love life and I tried Invisalign before and when I finally finished and got the final bill this was when it was just starting out in the early 2005’s, I could of swing it, but I bought a car and my 1st small house. Now life is different because I seierated from a 10 yr relationship and lost a lot from not being married and no kids. So I really want my teeth straight and White! I want to meet a great man that I deserve and deserves me as well!

    Thank you and I truly hope I get the 2nd chance to do this again!
    Lee Erica Lukasik

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